Art Media Center, Open Lab 2022 [GIFUKEI]

Exhibition 展覧会|Event イベント


Tokyo University of the Arts, Art Media Center, Open Lab 2022 [GIFUKEI]


fake/mimicry/imitation/fictional/virtual/fabricated scape


Dates: May 20 (Fri) – May 29 (Sun), 2022 Open throughout the session period


Hours: 10:00 – 18:00 (Entry by 17:30)


Place: Chinretsukan Gallery 1F, 2F (The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts)


Admission: free


Advance reservations were initially required for this exhibition, but in consideration of the ventilation facilities in the venue and the expected number of visitors, we have switched to a recommendation to make reservations in advance. However, we may restrict admission depending on how crowded the venue is. If you have a specific time in mind, please make a reservation through the site below.


Entry Reservations


Organized by: Tokyo University of the Arts, Art Media Center


Supported by: Geidai Friends; Nomura Foundation; The Kao Foundation for Arts and Sciences; The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, through the Japan Arts Council, Fiscal Year 2022


Inquiry: NTT Hello Dial: 050-5541-8600



Exhibition Official Website:


About the Exhibition

Art Media Center (AMC) of Tokyo University of the Arts is now in its 22nd year since it was established in 2000. During this time, social conditions related to information networks have changed dramatically. Now, even at our university, advanced knowledge in management, operation, and especially security of information, is required. Also, AMC has been and continues to play a central role in the online classes and the university’s digital twin projects. Since 2020, triggered by COVID-19 pandemic, full online access to the classes has been promoted by the university, and the digital twin of the university was created as a means to share information.

This exhibition, titled “GIFUKEI” is AMC’s first exhibition in three years, and will be using the coined word “GIFUKEI/ 擬風景 (meaning pseudo-landscape)” as a clue to show the way of “landscape=GIFUKEi” created by the creative techniques of “Modoki/ 擬” (“Modoki” uses the same kanji with “GIFUKEI”),

The word “Modiki” is generally translated as “fake,” but in the history of art, it has been translated as a method such as “Mitate (process of selecting)” and has been treated as a way to actively edit the difference from the reference object and sublimate it as an expression.

The process of “Modoki” in this sense hides the originality of the artist, and the creativity of the act of representing the pseudo by bricolage of available techniques and philosophies, which is the theme of this exhibition.

AMC has been sharing various technologies related to information media with artists and researchers, mainly through the center’s laboratory facilities, but the state of the pseudo is changing dramatically with the development of technology. Especially in the recent years, concepts such as metaverse and digital twin have emerged, and the virtual and the real have fused together, making it impossible to describe the world in terms of a simple dichotomy between the fake and the original. In such a world where the location of the original is ambiguous, what can the pseudo imitate, and what kind of creative method can it be?

This exhibition will take this state of “Modoki” as its starting point and introduce the practices of the Center as well as the works and methods of artists associated. Also it will be deepening the discussion through dialogue events with invited guests, in order to look at the new creative possibilities that “Modoki” will open up in the coming age.

Toru Kamekawa [Director of Art Media Center]




岩崎 広大 Hiromasa Iwasaki
浦川 大志 Taishi Urakawa
江﨑 文武 Ayatake Ezaki
久保田 絵美 Emi Kubota
積彩 sekisai
中山 晃子 Akiko Nakayama
布谷 麻衣 Mai Nunoya
沼倉 真理 Mari Numakura
花形 槙 Shin Hanagata
パク・サンヒョン Sanghyun Park
古澤 龍 Ryu Furusawa
横川 十帆 Juppo Yokokawa
Nahee Kim